Voter Fraud in America

In a previous post “Widespread Voter Fraud” the point is made that voter fraud is something that has plagued democracies throughout history; it is certainly something that has challenged American democracy over the past 200+ years; it is not something that is practiced exclusively by either party. So it should come as no surprise that voter fraud was alive and well in the 2010 election cycle.

In addition to the compilation from, “How Unions or Their Allies Could be Stealing November’s Election Right Now,” referenced in the previous post, what follows are links to additional useful summaries of some of the problems we apparently are having with voter fraud. What is disturbing is that these reports are found on a handful of lightly trafficked websites that focus on this topic – and within those reports are links to mainstream media articles on the topic. But the mainstream media covers newsworthy anecdotes regarding possible election fraud, then moves on. This is too bad, because if you read these reports from the blogosphere, they seem credible.

On the Robomonkey blog, their “Archive for the ‘Voter Fraud’ Category” includes a thirteen part series of posts entitled “Grand Theft Democracy.” These are well worth reading. On the HillBuzz blog, their “Voter Fraud / Election Tampering Thread” adds several additional valuable reports and links on this topic – be sure to read the many comments which have dozens of useful links.

Closer to home, in California, a race that stands out as worthy of further investigation is the Costa vs. Vidak race for California’s 20th Congressional District. This race, which the Democrat incumbant Vidak won, had Costa ahead by 10% in the last polls before the election (ref. Real Clear Politics Vidak vs. Costa). The DC Barroco blog, in a post entitled “Cali-fraud-ia?“, reported on November 3rd that 150,000 uncounted drop-off votes have been “found” in Fresno and Bakersfield, urban areas that will lean heavily Democrat.” At least 20% of these ballots affected the 20th Congressional District. While this isn’t a lot to go on, this upset occurred in California’s San Joaquin Valley – an area whose economy has been decimated by the Democrat-inspired cut-off of fresh water deliveries necessary for their farm economy – it is not clear how Vidak could have gone from a 10% advantage in late October to a 2% defeat on November 3rd.

While the 2010 edition of voter fraud appears to be, nationwide, something that is mostly associated with Democrats, eliminating voter fraud is a nonpartisan issue. A very informative set of videos where commentator Alex Jones interviews voting fraud expert Bev Harris, entitled “Whoever is Controlling The Voting Machines is Ultimately in Power” (part one), and (part two), offers important information to anyone who wants to better understand how voting fraud occurs and how to reform the process.

Bev Harris discusses four points in the election process where opportunities for fraud exist, or as she puts it “four essential processes that have to be available to the public for authentication without need for special expertise.”

(1) Who can vote – the voter list.

(2) Who did vote – the participating voter list.

(3) Whether or not the ballot that gets counted is the same one that got cast – the chain of custody.

(4) The counting of the vote – meaning a public counting of the vote.

In each of these areas there are several problems with our current laws, as well as several logical and feasible solutions which Harris outlines during her interview. Some of these reforms are so obvious it is almost inconceivable that they are not already federal law – such as requiring people present their ID in order to vote. Other reforms are not going to be easy, but may be necessary both to prevent fraud and also to preserve the secret ballot and to protect voters from intimidation – eliminating voting (barring genuine need, such as overseas military personnel) by absentee ballot or voting by mail is one of the most important of these reforms. Other solutions include preserving a paper trail, and – why not, they have already done this in Germany – getting rid of the electronic voting machines.

American democracy is not fully realized if well organized gangs of ideological fanatics and their criminal bedfellows can put the end in front of the means, and fraudulently manipulate our elections. American exceptionalism is severely diminished by the blight of voting fraud, and as long as it exists, it is yet another challenge to America’s destiny as a free nation and an example for the world.

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