Celebrity Hatred Discredited by Hypocrisy

Donald Trump supporters who never watch mainstream television are making a mistake. Sample it from time to time if only to be reminded just how thoroughly the corporate left-wing media  manipulates the American people.

The fact that Trump was able to garner any support at all, much less win an election, is a testimony to the validity of his positions, because his success has come in spite of the perpetual animosity of the most powerful class of elites in the history of the world.

This animosity was on full display on April 19, when Robert De Niro, one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, paid a visit to Stephen Colbert, whose “Late Show” on CBS is now the top-rated late-night talk show in America. How Colbert has risen to the pinnacle of late night television is not a pretty story.

In his 11-minute opening monologue on April 19, Colbert talked about President Trump. That’s no surprise. Colbert always talks about Trump in his opening monologue. Typically, Trump is the only thing Colbert talks about in is monologue. And on April 19, Colbert’s monologue was, as always, a nonstop barrage of insults, infantile impersonations, dirty jokes, and lies.

To enjoy Colbert these days, you either have to appreciate incredibly juvenile, vicious slander that’s being passed off as humor, or you have to be filled with so much hatred for the president that you don’t care. But why should Colbert change his tactics? It’s far easier for his writers to produce anti-Trump vitriol than it is actually to come up with clever jokes, day after day, and selling anti-Trump hate has propelled Colbert to the top of his profession after struggling for the first few years he was on the air.

If you watch Colbert without ideological blinders, you see him for what he is. A smarmy, sneering, sarcastic, sophomoric, opinionated creep, pathetically mediocre in comparison to the great comics and late-night hosts of decades past. If you don’t care to risk the brain rot of television merely to let people reinforce your aggressions and anxieties, Colbert is hazardous to your emotional health.

And then De Niro joined Colbert, to prolonged applause. For those of us who don’t pay close attention to the lives of Hollywood stars, De Niro was an icon, a likable actor, and like all famous celebrities, he is a role model. We internalize his characters, we admire their grit, we empathize with their conflicts. But on June 10, 2018, De Niro lost tens of millions of fans overnight, at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards in New York City.

De Niro’s decision last year to bring politics into an awards show for actors is nothing new, but he turned it up a notch. As soon as he reached the microphone, he said “I’m going to say one thing: ‘Fuck Trump.’” After 20 seconds of delirious applause, he escalated, saying “It’s no longer ‘down with Trump’; it’s ‘fuck Trump.’”

Suddenly Robert De Niro was no longer one of the most talented actors of his generation. He was just another aging celebrity, who has to offer profanity and hatred to a partisan crowd to make up for the fact that he turned in his last great performances over 20 years ago. De Niro and Colbert have much in common.

De Niro didn’t offer the F-word to his remaining fans during his recent appearance with Colbert, but he didn’t disappoint them, either. In reference to his Robert Mueller impersonations on “Saturday Night Live,” he said “I hope I can handcuff Trump and lead him away in an orange jumpsuit.” As Colbert’s audience ecstatically shrieked, he went on to call Trump “a total loser.”

It’s worth wondering if actors and comics who have leveraged anti-Trump sentiments for publicity and ratings realize how they appear to pro-Trump viewers. Even politically neutral observers must have caught the irony when De Niro then accused Trump of being a “wannabe gangster.”

There are big problems with De Niro saying this.

First, and most obvious, De Niro built his career playing the parts of gangsters. But De Niro isn’t a gangster. He’s an actor. So who’s the “wannabe”?

Less obvious, but more significant, is the fact that “wannabe” pretty much defines what an actor is. Their careers are made by pretending to be other people. Donald Trump, on the other hand, successfully built skyscrapers in Manhattan, one of the toughest places in the world to do anything. Apart from pretending to be fictitious characters in movies, what has Robert De Niro ever done?

Colbert and De Niro’s shared hatred for Trump is not unusual. The Left has co-opted 90 percent or more of America’s media and entertainment industry, academia, high-tech, corporate multinationals, and government bureaucracies. They want to destroy and divide America because doing so gives them money and power. And because their rhetoric is too beguiling to be easily recognized as fraudulent, the innumerate and the inattentive often fall for it despite having good hearts.

On an individual to individual basis, it’s hard to know which celebrities indulge Trump hatred based on misguided principle, and which ones do it because it helps their careers. But Trump hatred has devolved into a more generalized hatred coming from the Left that is increasingly toxic.

Was Chrissy Teigen thinking about Robert De Niro when she decided to join the F-word chorus at a recent strategy retreat for prominent Democrats? She was asked, “if there was one word you would help, particularly women, use more frequently, what would it be?” Her response? “Fuck you.” The crowd went wild. And it worked. Most of us had never heard of Chrissy Teigen. Now everybody knows her name.

Teigen’s partner in profanity, along with Trump hatred, is her husband John Legend. Reacting to Trump’s attempts to control immigration—and in complete deference to the leftist media’s complete distortion of both the scope of that problem and the possible solutions—on November 7, 2018, Legend tweeted “The president is a fucking embarrassment.” But maybe Legend and Teigen are only embarrassing themselves.

The celebrities who despise Donald Trump are too numerous to mention. They don’t have to be so outspoken in their hatred to keep their jobs, for that all they have to do is keep their mouths shut. Needless to say, there are plenty of actors, along with professors, teachers, and other professionals, who have to keep any favorable opinions about Trump to themselves. But what motivates the ones who go the extra mile in their hatred, dropping the F bomb like De Niro, Teigen, and Legend, or obsessing endlessly about Trump like Colbert?

Do they realize how much it devalues them? How cheap they look? Don’t they see that by stooping to the lowest forms of insults, far lower than anything Trump’s ever even allegedly done, their indignation is discredited by their hypocrisy?

Nobody in the mainstream media will do it, but thankfully, there are now ordinary people everywhere who have the tools to do video editing. It would be helpful to show middle-of-the-road Americans, those millions who will swing the next election, an anthology of Trump hatred. From Colbert to De Niro to Legend and Teigen, to Omar and Tlaib, and hundreds of others, collect video snippets that expose their blithe profanity, their unreasoning hate, their violent fantasies. These are the people, and this is the movement, that wants Trump gone. Do we really want to hand them political power?

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.

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