Media Distorts Trump Actions Yet Again

Competing investigations and alternative analyses offer partisans on both sides ample fodder to feed their biases, but a presumption that guilt can be manufactured if it doesn’t exist is the common thread pushing them. Just as the Soviets knew in Stalinist Russia, if you look at anyone long enough, you’re going to find something to use against them.

Instead of dispatching political opponents with bullets to the back of the head, however, we Americans fight with politicized investigations, attorneys, and political grandstanding. And on the side of America’s anti-Trump shadow government, deep state, establishment bureaucracy, the media closes ranks and takes every opportunity to distort the truth in favor of an agenda.

Recent reporting provides yet another example of the establishment media’s Stalinesque anti-Trump bias. President Trump on Wednesday canceled a meeting to discuss infrastructure legislation with House leadership, because immediately prior to the meeting, he was blindsided by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) holding a meeting with pro-impeachment lawmakers, where she “emphasized that the White House is engaging in a ‘cover-up’.”

Some news accounts suggest that Trump planned to cancel the meeting and hold a press conference instead, based on the fact that a “no collusion, no obstruction” sign had been hung on the podium for when he spoke. Right. So what? Considering how many thousands of hours the ongoing investigations have consumed of Trump’s staff time, why not make Pelosi and Schumer waste a few hours? But the news accounts are what’s most interesting: Once again, the story is distorted, with help, predictably enough, from Google.

Here are the top three search results from the term, “Trump in Rose Garden May 22 Press Conference.”

First, from the Washington Post, a story headlined “A Trump Twitter-style diatribe,” written by anti-Trump hack Anne Gearan, which features this lead paragraph:

“Usually, when President Trump is really steamed, he vents his spleen over a morning of disjointed tweets—a slow-mo meltdown. On Wednesday, it was the live-action movie version—on fast forward. Trump, ever the director and star of his own White House movie, staged his outburst in two acts. Act 1: Blow up a White House meeting with Democratic lawmakers that was over before the first handshake. Bye-bye, Infrastructure Day. Act 2: Stride to a podium at a hastily arranged Rose Garden news conference to say he won’t work with Democrats on infrastructure or anything else while they pursue the “investigation track.” (Emphasis added.)”

This is “news,” coming from a supposed journalist working for one of the biggest newspapers in the world.

The second Google result linked to an article in USA Today.

‘Achomlishments’: Photographer snaps look at Trump’s notes in Rose Garden news conference.” This bit of “news,” written by anti-Trump hack William Cummings, featured a photo that offered a telephoto look at Trump’s handwritten notes, including a misspelling of the word “accomplishments.”

It would be fair to ask Cummings if he has bothered to spell every word right when quickly preparing notes that only he will ever read. Moreover, often it isn’t bad spelling, but other words coming into focus faster than your penmanship can keep up, that causes typos. But that wouldn’t be “news” that’s fit for Cummings to publish.

The rest of Cumming’s article focused on tweets making fun of Trump’s spelling.

This is what passes as “news” in what ought to be a daily national newspaper of record, but instead is just another gossipy corporate left-wing propaganda rag.

Google’s third result is a video-only link from CNBC, with the title (emphasis added) “President Trump delivers surprise press conference as impeachment calls grow.”

According to a May 23 report in the New York Timesthere are now 29 “federal, state and congressional investigations relating to Trump’s businesses, inauguration and presidency.”

Imagine if this degree of investigative scrutiny were applied to the Democratic Party or the Clinton organization? How can anyone see this level of harassment and not perceive the double standard; the dangerous institutionalized antipathy towards the Trump presidency?

Let’s be clear: The Democratic Party is controlled by public-employee unions, the plaintiff’s bar, the intersectional Left and the “diversity” industry, Wall Street, the leftist globalist high-tech oligarchy, multinational corporations, and environmentalist extremists including the “climate change” profiteers. These are crooks, thugs, kleptocrats, ambulance-chasers, liars, cheaters, and borderline traitors. They’ve targeted President Trump because people are making trillions of dollars keeping things just the way they are, and Donald Trump is a threat to their pocketbooks.

That’s the reason we’re seeing all these investigations.

Clearly, this characterization of the Democrat party is a biased opinion. But the USA Today’sGearan and the Washington Post’sCummings are invited to ask how their opinions, masquerading as reporting for some of the biggest news organizations on earth, are not equally biased.

And of course, if you watch the entire video of Trump’s news conference on Wednesday, you will not see any evidence of a “diatribe” (Washington Post), a “tantrum” (New York Times), a “tirade” (CNN), or a “stunt” (CBS). You will not perceive Trump to be “transparently mad,” or “lashing out” (CNBC); his behavior will not appear as “bizarre” (Vox); nor did he “spread false claims” as “reported” by CNN’s anti-Trump hack Marshall Cohen in his perversely named “Facts First” column on Thursday.

All of this reporting is completely unbalanced. It is not journalism, much less investigative journalism. It is blatant propaganda. And it typifies what we’ve seen throughout Trump’s candidacy and presidency. It is disgraceful and dangerous.

America’s preeminent news organizations are the gaslighters they claim to decry. They are the demonizers and propagandists they claim they oppose. If they were dropped into Soviet Russia eight decades ago, they would no doubt do their dirty jobs quite well.

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.

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