Antifa’s Identitarian Ideology

While the “Antifa” movement may defy easy characterization, one of its most animating goals is to oppose right-wing racism allegedly practiced or condoned by millions of “white nationalists.” They rightly condemn any such endorsements of so-called identitarian concepts. But who are the real identitarians? And to which movement is identitarianism both the centerpiece of their rhetoric, and a smokescreen to hide their true agenda? A look at online material promoting an upcoming Antifa type action offers clues.

According to a recent tweet by embattled journalist Andy Ngo, “Antifa is leading a ‘Border Resistance’ militancy training that will converge on a 10 day siege in El Paso, Texas.” The website Ngo references is, with the tag line “Call to Action in El Paso September 1-10.” The homepage displays a graphic poster headlined with the words “CALL TO ACTION,” followed by the somewhat nebulous phrase “Border Resistance Convergence.”

Nowhere on this website are the words “Antifa,” or, for that matter, anything that might be remotely construed as synonymous with the violence that anyone paying attention would know accompanies Antifa protests, whether they’re in Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville, or countless other places. But the “Border Resistance” website does contain language offering insight into the ideology of these organizations, whether they are directly backed by Antifa or part of the collection of local and regional groups that align themselves with Antifa. It is an ideology that is as steeped in identitarian divisiveness as it is riddled with contradictions.

The ten days of “trainings and direct actions” planned for El Paso are to “help us address US-funded genocide and local concentration camps.” Evidently, if you’re a far-left, anti-American ideologue, such language is devoid of hyperbole. To such a believer, today’s conditions in the El Paso Processing Center and those enforced 75 years ago at Treblinka are indistinguishable.

Identitarian ideology becomes evident, along with continuing contradictory logic, in the next paragraph, where prospective travelers to this “convergence” are advised that when they go to El Paso, they will be in “Tigua, Raramuri, Piro, Suma and Manso territory.” Reminding virtually everyone in North America that they are trespassing on stolen land has become a favored trope of the far left. But how is this rational? If this is Tigua (etc.) “territory,” doesn’t that territory have borders?

Why would the organizers of the El Paso Border Resistance Convergence assert the legitimacy of Tigua (etc.) territory, yet deplore the existence of United States territory? Is this “border resistance” convergence only based on the illegitimacy of US borders? Looking back in history, had no tribe existed in the El Paso area before the Tigua (etc.) overran them? It was wrong that Europeans overran Tigua (etc.) territory, so now it’s ok for foreigners to overrun Texas?

The next sentence offers some clarification: “This convergence is being run by Indigenous & QTPOC (Queer, trans, people of color) leadership and anyone who passively or aggressively disrespects that will be asked to leave.” Ah ha. Indigenous people – presumably including the local Tigua (etc.) people, will run the “convergence,” along with the “QTPOC” cohort. Descendents of Europeans – so long as they’re “white,” lack a Hispanic surname, are heterosexual, and identify as the gender on their birth certificate – are indeed required to defer to everyone else.

Further reading of the “convergence” promotional material verifies this elevating of “QTPOC” people into positions of supremacy. For example:

  • “We are very much relying on white comrades to donate money and throw down on renting temporary spaces for our more vulnerable friends.”
  • “Are you coming prepared to follow the direction of Indigenous, Black, Brown, and most affected-centered leadership?”
  • “It is the responsibility of those of privilege to financially support others to join us for this convergence.”
  • “How can we make this space safer in the current context of the world concerning topics such as Decolonization, the prevalence of Racism even in leftist spaces, inter-racial conflict, the cis-white-hetero-patriarchy, etc.”

Before continuing, one must admire the creativity in this new and hyper-inclusive alphabetical innovation: “QTPOC.” What a fine way to maximize the inclusive capacity of five characters. Gone is LGBTQ, and POC (“people of color”) is no longer an orphan. “L,” “G,” and “B” are presumably now subsumed within “Q,” and of course “T” for “trans” shall be retained because “trans” is the hottest new category of victim, and now there’s room for “POC” to be merged to create a brand new, linguistically efficient string of letters: QTPOC.

But how does alphabetizing every possible identifiable group that might have any conceivable grievance and proclaiming all of them to be victims of the “cis-white hetero patriarchy” (CWHP?) bring people together? Do these strident, simplistic calls for retribution, restitution, repentance and submission elicit compassion, or do they erase compassion?

While the organizers of the “convergence” in El Paso are enforcing QTPOC supremacy among their participants, why is it when we see video and photos of similar demonstrations in recent years, the demonstrators seem to be overwhelmingly white, if not actually from that most deplorable subset of white, the “cis-white-hetero-patriarchy” (CWHP)? From available evidence, albeit anecdotal, it seems implausible that the individuals organizing these “convergences” and “direct actions” are not mostly white. But rationality, or, for that matter, actual QTPOC supremacy, is not the objective of the identitarian Left in America.

Which brings us to the true ideology of the America’s far left, from Antifa to academia: It is a coalition of mostly white activists who despise capitalism, private property, traditional American values, and, arguably, themselves. They couch their communist core values in the same identitarian rhetoric that they claim to oppose when it comes from right-wing sources.

When it comes to identitarian politics, the difference between Right and Left – and it’s a big one – is that only a minute fraction of conservative, pro-capitalist, pro-American ideologues are identitarians, whereas the American Left is defined by its identitarian politics. It is their seductive currency, obscuring the nihilistic agenda of international communism, which history has proven is the deadliest ideology in the history of the world.

Apart from an insignificant fringe, the American Right does not emphasize identity group hierarchies and other forms of identitarian demagoguery in their political messaging not only because it is anathema to their ideology, but also because they don’t have to. The ideals of individual freedom, compassionate capitalism, and inclusive nationalism are powerful enough to occupy center stage.

The American Left, by contrast, must emphasize identitarian messages and identitarian policies because their hidden agenda is to establish the 21st century’s version of communism. They are fighting to impose a neo-feudalist international corporate socialism on the American people. Most of them will never see their righteous identitarian fury for what it is: useful idiocy.

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.

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