California’s Multibillionaires Intend to Conquer the World

As the oldest man in American history to ever be elected president begins his administration, his immediate blizzard of executive actions suggest the energy of someone much younger. The reason for this is obvious. Joe Biden is not running the country. He is a president in name only. The edicts coming out of the Oval Office, along with the imminent legislative initiatives, are being ran by the American equivalent of a soviet politburo, and the political and financial power behind this politburo is coming from California.

The political actors occupying key roles include Kamala Harris, whose role the tie-breaker that presides over the U.S. Senate makes her the most powerful vice president in history, and Nancy Pelosi, who presides over the U.S. House of Representatives. These two politicians are only the most visible Californians among a group that includes cabinet secretaries, administrative appointees, and what is by far the largest state Democratic congressional caucus.

More significant is the fact that Californians also provide the financial power behind the Biden politburo, as well as the cultural power that propels the Democratic narrative. This would include the well documented trillions in Silicon Valley wealth, the monopolistic power Silicon Valley wields over online communications, and the considerable influence of Hollywood – still the epicenter of America’s entertainment industry.

All of this Californian power is deployed in support of the ongoing “reset,” a titanic, historic transformation, imposed through manufactured consent, executive edicts, biased court rulings, and overwrought regulations emanating from the partisan bureaucrats that control federal agencies. This entire establishment, merely slowed down during the Trump years, has now gone into overdrive. But what is their vision?

To understand what the establishment, of which Biden is a mere figurehead, has in mind for America, one must understand California. This is where the so-called “reset” has advanced the furthest, in a series of shifts that began well before the COVID-19 pandemic provided the excuse to massively accelerate the process. At the heart of these shifts was an epic cultural transformation. Californians, apart from a sizable and growing minority, now support massive reductions to their quality of life in order to supposedly fight racism and climate change. So thorough is their indoctrination that they do not merely support these “resets,” but militantly oppose anyone who disagrees with them.

While California’s demographics are often cited as the factor most responsible for its transformed culture, this is misleading if not wholly inaccurate. It is true that California’s population is now entirely multiethnic. Only 25 percent of high school age Californians are non-Hispanic white. In the general population, Hispanics are 39 percent of the population, whites are 37 percent, Asians are 15 percent, blacks are 6 percent, and 4 percent are multiracial. But if its ethnic makeup is responsible for California’s politics, why is it that the most powerful political influencers in the state are all white?

The reality in California, as in the rest of America, is that nonwhites are being used by whites to advance a specific set of policies. They are being conned in the same manner, and for the same reasons, that white voters are being conned. California’s political economy is designed to serve an oligarchy that obscures its self-interest and secures its popular support via rhetoric designed to divide the races and foment panic over climate change. It is rhetoric invented by whites and designed to consolidate the political and economic power of an oligarchy that is predominately white.

For these reasons, the cultural transformation in California that embraces radical anti-racist and radical environmentalist ideology cannot be attributed to California’s ethnic composition. That is a myth. Abandoning that myth is the first step towards turning the tide. To believe ethnic transformation equates to inevitable support for these radical policies is to succumb to the manipulative race-centric narrative as thoroughly and as usefully as those it has convinced.

In a normal and free information environment, both of these obfuscating lies – “systemic racism” and the “climate emergency” – would be easily debunked. America is the most nonracist multiethnic nation in the history of the world, and the costs to adapt to whatever climate change occurs is far less than the costs being proposed to supposedly arrest the process. The oligarchs know this. They don’t believe their own lies. So what’s really at work?

To the extent there is a moral justification for what California’s best and brightest have already done to California, and have in store for America and the world, it starts with something like this: America’s per capita consumption of energy is four times greater than China’s, and more than ten times greater than India’s. As nations develop economically, from China and India to those throughout burgeoning Africa, worldwide energy production will have to massively increase. How will this be accomplished?

The charitable answer is to explain that renewable energy and draconian conservation mandates are part of an all-of-the-above strategy to maintain economic growth until breakthrough energy technologies such as fusion power are commercialized. That might be believable if Biden’s executive orders haven’t already declared war on fossil fuel production in America. There is no “all of the above” strategy. By making Americans pay more for conventional energy, renewable energy and energy management technologies become economically competitive. The primary beneficiaries of fossil fuel suppression, at least in America, are companies based in Silicon Valley. Which leads to the next plank in the political agenda of California’s oligarchy, which is their relationship to the rest of the world.

A recent essay by Hudson Institute senior fellow Lee Smith should be required reading for anyone trying to make sense out of American politics today. Entitled “The Thirty Tyrants,” the premise of this 7,000 word essay which goes into extraordinary detail is simple: America’s ruling class has declared war on ordinary Americans, and “they are happy to rule in partnership with a foreign power that will help them destroy their own countrymen.”

Attempting to summarize the many examples and key points in Smith’s superb essay would not do it justice. Read it. Smith’s description of Chinese tyranny, and the power and flexibility it gives to their ruling elites, is something the American oligarchy envies. And again, the Chinese model finds its nearest expression in the one-party state of California. As these Californians, clearly aligned with their counterparts in the rest of America, work to consolidate one-party rule across the nation, again look to California to see what they’re really up to. And there is nothing moral about it.

When multibillionaires impassively evaluate the direction of humanity on planet earth – and that is the sort of mega-picture imagining of which multibillionaires have both the time and the money to indulge – what do they see? The panorama before them is deeply troubling. On one hand, they see privileged Western nations, voraciously consuming a far greater than proportional share of the world’s resources. On the other hand, they see over 7 billion additional humans, living in non-Western nations, on the cusp of achieving the capacity to industrialize and consume resources at comparable rates to the nations in the West. How can this go on, they wonder?

At the same time as they contemplate the challenge of accommodating the aspirations of what within their lifetimes will be over ten billion humans on planet earth, they realize the medical research they fund is on another cusp of another breakthrough, that of achieving the tantalizing holy grail of medicine, life extension. And finally, to top off this trilogy of troubling insights, these multi-billionaires know that cusp number three is nearer than ever – the ability to totally automate an economy and run it with robots.

So what on earth will these multibillionaires do with all these useless people? Here again China comes into the picture. This is a nation that could not care less about the fate of its inhabitants. Mao Tse-tung used to boast about his absolute indifference to losing hundreds of millions of his countrymen in a nuclear exchange with the United States. Since Mao, China has produced spectacular wealth in its transition from communism to fascism, but its indifference to human rights hasn’t changed one bit. So where will California’s multibillionaires, which today are joined at the hip with their Chinese counterparts, ultimately go in their relationship with China?

It is unlikely their one-sided, lucrative love fest with the Chinese can go on forever. For starters, the Chinese know exactly what they’re doing, and have no intention of continuing their dalliance with Western multi-billionaires once it is no longer to their benefit. Once they’ve bought everything they can buy, and stolen everything they can steal, and compromised every human asset they possibly can, they’ll drop the love mask like a stone, and reveal what everybody already knows about the CCP but cannot say – they intend to dominate the world.

As for what might come next on the day China drops the act and abandons their suddenly obsolete proxies, one may only speculate that the American deep state is locked and loaded, with classified weaponry that will make a war with the Chinese short and decisive. On the other hand, why have a short war? Once the multibillionaires have finished furnishing their blast bunkers, stoking them with years worth of food, oxygen, medical supplies, and robots, what better way than a nasty, costly war to reduce the surplus global population?

The most likely truth is that most of these multibillionaires, even those Californians who preen at the vanguard of futurism, haven’t thought that far ahead. But the agenda of the Biden administration, from canceling fossil fuel development, to cramming people into dense cities, to admitting millions of unskilled immigrants, or mandating reeducation seminars on the topic of white guilt – all of this and more – can be understood in terms of what American multibillionaires, whose epicenter and base of operations is in California, envision as an appropriate future for humanity. That vision, if not literally genocidal, is nonetheless dark. Apart from the elite few, humanity will be reduced to livestock in pens, policed by robots, pacified by virtual reality.

These elites do still have a choice. They can allow economic development around the world, hoping that innovation will continue to stay ahead of Malthusian checks and hoping that adaptation and stewardship will protect both the environment and humanity from potential threats such as climate change. That is the moral choice, and it is an eminently possible, hopeful scenario for humanity. There is no indication they are making that choice.

From the censorship of early stage COVID treatments, to the relentless demonization of a president that championed innovation and adaptation while caring about his own constituents, the multibillionaires are making a very different choice. They appear to have no intention of sharing this world with ten billion little people, all of them clamoring for everything from air conditioning and automobiles to life extension therapies. Understanding what’s running through the minds of these Californian multibillionaires and their far-flung accomplices is the first step towards stopping them.

There is a populist movement around the world that ordinary Americans are becoming part of. It transcends race and in many respects transcends ideology. It has two predominant features. The first is the desire for nations to retain their sovereignty and culture, and determine their own fate. The other, equally significant, is a growing faith and respect for the power of the individual, and the power of human creativity, to successfully address the challenges we all face without war, and without succumbing to the tyranny of oligarchs – whether they’re living in California or Beijing.

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.

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