Green Globalism is the Ultimate Expression of White Supremacy

There has been broad recognition of late that the American Left projects their own flawed proclivities onto their political opponents. They accuse the Right of not caring about the American worker, but the functional consequence of every policy they devise has been destructive to American workers. They accuse the Right of being corporate puppets, when every major corporate special interest caters to the Left. They accuse the Right of having no respect for the Constitution or the rule of law, while they attempt to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, ignore the First and Second Amendments, and refuse to prosecute criminals. They accuse the Right of being fascist, yet their allies in Antifa and Black Lives Matter have cells operating in every major city.

Maybe the biggest projection of all is the common leftist accusation that the Right is dominated by white supremacists. The first thing to observe here is that the American Left – its leadership, its donors, and its corporate partners—“diversity, equity and inclusion” notwithstanding—is itself dominated by whites. And apart from their rhetoric, they certainly aren’t doing anything to help nonwhites. From welfare to affirmative action to avoidable cost-of-living increases, every policy the Left implements has the effect of disproportionately marginalizing and impoverishing nonwhites.

But are these white leaders on the Left supremacists? Yes, they are, because the American Left, and the globalist green agenda it is cramming down our throats, has only one logical ultimate goal: To conquer the world. It’s pretty hard to be more “supremacist” than that.

Recognizing this reality relies on fairly simple logic:

If life on Earth will come to an end unless all nations achieve “net zero” emissions by 2050, but so far the only nations attempting to achieve this goal are white Western nations, then to save the earth, those nations that are not complying must be forced to comply. In the short run, for example, this means preventing emerging nations from acquiring the investment and technical support to develop an energy economy based on fossil fuel. But within a decade or two, with another generation of Westerners reaching adulthood firmly convinced the world will come to an end if “net zero” is not achieved, the green agenda will be a marketable justification for world war.

It is possible to make this prediction without predicting the outcome. By 2040 or 2050, if not much sooner, the rest of the world will have had quite enough of Western meddling in their energy economy. Powerful nations like China and India will continue to develop whatever resources they wish, at the same time as they will invest in “environmentally incorrect” energy infrastructure in African nations and elsewhere, where the people are desperate to lift themselves into prosperity. This will be a source of increasing international tension, as the white Western globalists invoke the climate emergency and repeatedly attempt to thwart these efforts. At a time that may or may not be by choice, the West will have goaded the rest of the world into open conflict. How it may end is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile, disparaging actual white supremacists, who represent a vanishingly small fraction of American and European far-right agitators, is a useful rallying cry for the Left. But to think this accusation has any strategic relevance is small thinking.

To paraphrase a memorable line from the movie “Forrest Gump,” supremacy is as supremacy does. And what the white-ruled regimes of the world (including the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and most of the rest of the nations of Western Europe) are doing is using the “climate emergency” and its attendant green globalist agenda to control and eventually conquer the world.

Another example of small thinking is when right-of-center Americans decry how globalists are undermining American sovereignty. Because they’re right, but if that’s the entire scope of their criticism, they’re missing the bigger picture. White, Western globalists are undermining every nation’s sovereignty.

I remember a few years ago speaking with a liberal friend who, like me, had been critical of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. But when I asked my friend, hypothetically, if he would support America invading Brazil to save the Amazon rainforest, he lit up with enthusiasm. Without hesitation he proclaimed wholehearted support for such an adventure.

This is the populist face of green white supremacy. Few ever consider what may be the real reasons for America’s bipartisan neocon imperialism, such as protecting the hegemony of the U.S. dollar and safeguarding the expansionist interests of Western multinational corporations. Say it’s for the earth, and onto the imperialist war wagon they will jump. By the millions. Just be sure to paint the wagon green.

The environmental movement has always been dominated by whites. With rare exceptions, every trailblazing leader was white, and the movement today is overwhelmingly white. In the early days, they did amazing work. Greenpeace used to have just one mission: Save whales. The Rainforest Action Network was formed to protect rainforests. Even the EPA in its early years was committed to getting genuine pollutants out of the environment. No reasonable person questions the importance of environmentalist values, so long as they are balanced against human priorities. But just as the environmentalist movement has now been co-opted by the Left, and incorporated the entire leftist agenda into what was once an undiluted and important focus, the Left itself has been co-opted by globalists.

These people are overwhelmingly white, from the environmentalist power brokers that lead that corrupted movement today, to the plutocrats that define and implement the globalist agenda. What a terrific new bludgeon the climate emergency provides them. White globalists now have a moral justification to control the world: All resource consumption must be monitored and managed, or life on earth will come to an end. A threat so existential and so certain—because “the science” is beyond debate—must be met and overcome using any means necessary up to and including a genocidal war. It is better to kill a few billion people than to let the planet burn up. That’s a regrettable yet easy choice.

It is in this context that the American Left, which is now synonymous with the globalist establishment, accuses their political opponents of being white supremacists, or “adjacent” to white supremacists. It is the greatest projection of them all.

Whites who oppose the green global agenda, along with everyone else who opposes it, must realize they are fighting together against what is possibly the most potent supremacist movement in world history. A movement driven by an ideological green polestar that brooks no compromise and will countenance anything to fulfill the mission. The answer is to expose this movement for what it is; overtly supremacist, proclaiming a planetary crisis to camouflage an agenda of conquest, and dominated by white Westerners.

There is nothing redeeming in the green globalist war on conventional energy. We’re not talking about coordinating fishing quotas so Asian trawlers don’t strip mine every shred of living protein out of the oceans. We’re not talking about restoring mangrove forests on tropical coasts around the world to again buffer tsunamis. There are plenty of legitimate avenues for international cooperation by sovereign nations. But using an alleged “climate emergency” to take over and ration the energy consumption of the entire world is illegitimate and immoral. To promote it while fully aware of its inevitable consequences is evil.

If affordable fuel were permitted worldwide, all nations would prosper, and in the process all nations would experience what we have already seen in the West and throughout much of Asia; voluntary urbanization and voluntary population stabilization. Our shared challenge would then become how to use our surplus wealth to nurture and adapt to the changing environment, and make sure we still have enough babies to assure the vitality of our civilization. Isn’t that a better choice than jumping on the green war wagon?

In the ideological civil war within Western nations, the current ruling class, for all its proclamations against “white supremacy,” is itself the faction that is attempting to impose an explicitly supremacist agenda on the world. Green imperialism is still imperialism. Their opponents, decried as MAGA, or worse, are today’s inheritors of the ideals that inspired America’s founders—competitive free enterprise, private property rights, freedom of speech, individual rights, and the sovereign right of the people to choose their government.

This article originally appeared in American Greatness.

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