Can You Be Convicted of Lying if You’re Telling the Truth?

AUDIO: A discussion about California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit accusing oil companies of intentionally deceiving the public about their alleged role in causing global warming. This podcast, which has a pretty big audience, earned some stinging criticism for my suggestion that we need renewed and vigorous debate over whether fossil fuels will cause catastrophic climate change. Edward Ring with Will Swaim, host of National Review’s Radio Free California.

(segment begins 1:02:00, click here to listen to podcast)

The Consequences of Extreme Environmentalism

AUDIO: A discussion of environmental extremism, California’s politically contrived energy and water crunch, and the dangers of “sustainable development.” Edward Ring with Greg Gordon, host of the California Liberty Project podcast.

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Finding Unity in a Divided America

AUDIO: What kind of new coalition can bring conservatives the first landslide presidential election since 1984? – 9 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

How to Realign California and Save the Middle Class

AUDIO: Do you want California to become safe and affordable again? Do you want California’s schools to properly prepare the next generation to lead productive, independent lives? Do you want to realign California’s politics to fill the state legislature with politicians that will enact realistic, nonpartisan, decisive solutions to the challenges facing hard working families trying to live here? Then focus on the three issues that matter: education, law enforcement, and the high cost-of-living. This presentation focuses on these big three issues and proposes specific solutions.

Why America is a Small Town

AUDIO: What is it that made Jason Aldean’s recent video “Try That in a Small Town” so popular with half of America, and so infamous with the other half? – 10 minutes (segment begins at 2:00) on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

Why Abundance is Achievable and Sustainable

AUDIO: At the Mesa Water District of Orange County’s Water Policy Dinner and Forum on June 22, 2023, keynote speaker Edward Ring was asked why abundance is “achievable and sustainable.” Here is his answer:

Creating Water Abundance – Total Cost and Capacity

AUDIO: California needs more water. Environmentalists demand increasing percentages of river runoff stay in the rivers to improve fish habitat. Groundwater withdrawals have exceeded rates of recharge for decades. The massive storage dams on the Colorado River are nearly drained. But California has a terrific opportunity to make up these deficits and create water abundance. New off-stream reservoirs, expansion of existing reservoirs, better systems to capture storm runoff, urban wastewater recycling, urban storm runoff capture, and desalination. The recommendations made in this video (best viewed at 2X speed) are an attempt to define the capacity of these project categories, how much they will cost, and how much energy they will require to operate. Edward Ring speaking at the Metropolitan Water District of Orange County Water Policy Forum & Dinner.

Specific Policies to Realign Voters and Fix California

AUDIO: California’s voters will support common sense policies designed to accomplish three objectives of universal urgency: Restoring quality public education, reducing crime and homelessness, and lowering the cost-of-living. Voters, regardless of their ethnicity, will support politicians who offer credible policy proposals to accomplish these nonpartisan objectives. The recommendations made in this video (best viewed at 2X speed) are an attempt to define specific policies that will fulfill each of these three broad objectives. Presentation begins at 6:30 minutes into the video. Edward Ring speaking to the California Federated Republican Women.


The Hidden Agenda Behind America’s Hate Industry

AUDIO: Selling controversy is nothing new, but America’s institutions have coalesced behind a narrative that the nation’s biggest threat is from white supremacists. Is this backed up by data, and how is this issue being treated by media companies trying to survive in a ruthlessly competitive market? – 8 minutes (segment begins at 2:30) on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

Creating Water Abundance in California

AUDIO: Starting at the 52 minute mark in this podcast, and running on for the next 47 minutes, is an in-depth look at how water policy in California can embrace abundance, and what’s standing in the way. Thanks to the National Review for having me as a guest.