Excess Deaths in America Are Still Excessive

Trying to accurately track COVID deaths in the United States over the past 30 months has been a fool’s errand. Even if you were to dismiss allegations that hospitals had financial incentives to overemphasize COVID deaths, you still would have to navigate the subjective territory of co-morbidities and where the line is drawn between a death truly attributable to a COVID infection, vs a death that would have happened anyway from some other terminal cause.

Thanks to these ambiguities, leavened by an assortment of institutions including the media, the government, and the medical community, that have lost almost all their credibility with countless millions of Americans, skeptics abound. Just how bad was COVID? How bad is it? Some people still think the entire epidemic was a hoax.

Through the fog of data, so it goes, deaths from pneumonia and the flu fell during the COVID era, getting moved instead to be classified as COVID deaths. According to the hoax theory, the actual danger posed by COVID was greatly overstated, because deaths caused by COVID were overstated. But there is one thing that cannot be as easily obscured via errors in classification, and that is total deaths, from all causes.

Referred to by statisticians and epidemiologists as “excess deaths,” this is a far less controversial data point. After all, it has an unambiguous essence: you are dead, or you are not dead. What may ail you, or how you died, is irrelevant. Since the COVID era began in 2020, using Read More