Fundamental Contradictions that Doom the Left

There are two moral imperatives that the American Left relies on to attract supporters and demonize their opponents – saving the planet, and fighting racism.

In both cases, however the policies chosen by the Left to pursue these moral imperatives are in opposition to well established facts. Moreover, these facts that doom Leftist policies to failure are not subtle. They don’t require convoluted explanations. They are explicable to anyone with common sense, which is why the Left must rely on deplatforming and cancel culture; it is why they must accuse their critics of being “deniers” and racists. They cannot argue the facts.

Contradiction #1 – Ban Fossil Fuel Without Any Viable Alternative

Instead of addressing genuine environmental challenges, such as poaching of endangered species, overfishing the oceans, or grossly unhealthy air in cities like Beijing and New Delhi, America’s Left has instead focused almost exclusively on combating “climate change.” But their remedy, to eliminate fossil fuel, ignores the indisputable fact that fossil fuel production must rapidly increase in order to meet the demands of a growing world economy.

For everyone on earth, including Americans, to consume half as much energy as Americans currently consume, global energy production would have to increase to 2.5 times its current output. Meanwhile, in 2018, biofuel, solar and wind energy combined supplied just over 3 percent of total energy produced in the world.

Reasonable people can disagree over the so-called “carrying capacity” of planet Earth. Maybe mining the moon, the asteroids, and the ocean […] Read More