“Apocalypse Never” Takes Direct Aim at Consensus Climate Alarmism

An important new book by Michael Shellenberger, “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All,” attempts to counter the common belief that climate change poses an imminent and existential threat to humanity and the planet. At 285 pages, this is a relatively short and very readable book, but it covers a lot of ground. And with an additional 125 pages containing over 1,000 footnotes, Shellenberger’s arguments are well documented.

The book should be required reading for politicians. It should also be required reading for Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and the handful of other online communications titans who exercise almost total control over what what facts and opinions make their way into public discourse. Needless to say, this book also belongs in the hands of climate activist journalists, for whom a sixteen year old truant is an oracle with unassailable credibility, while contrarian scientists and economists are only targets for smear campaigns.

Needless to say, Shellenberger’s book has attracted furious rebuttals- this one in the Yale Climate Review is typical – but it is unlikely many of these critics read the book all the way through, or read it with an open mind. One of Shellenberger’s primary points is that while climate change is occurring, it is not the biggest global environmental threat, and that policies undertaken to “fight climate change” are causing some of the most harm to the environment. So-called “renewable energy” is a prime example of this.

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