The California Nanny State Invades Household Kitchens

Unsurprisingly, every top search result for “senate bill 1383 food waste” yields links to propitious, upbeat summaries of what’s coming to every household kitchen in California.

For example, from CalRecycle, under the heading “Recycling Organic Materials into New Products,” there is a photo of two women in the kitchen, one of them preparing to dump a plate full of food scraps into a special new container. Both of them appear to be deliriously happy. From RethinkWaste, under “residents,” there is a photo of a smiling woman pouring “organics” out of her special kitchen collection bucket into the large “compost only” can that she will roll out to the curb.

Happiness, apparently, is intimately connected with reducing “short lived climate pollutants,” and so to further our collective happiness, the state is going to turn our kitchen scraps into “biogas” (good), before it can degrade and release methane (bad). How much biogas? How much methane? Compared to what? And at what cost?

Don’t ask. Be happy.

But do people really want to have a government-issued “organics” bucket taking up counter space in their kitchen? Forever? Do people really want to pour every festering bit of scum scraped off their frying pans and every half gnawed chicken bone into this bucket, then periodically empty it into their compost bin which has previously only contained grass clippings and hedge cuttings? Who is going to clean up the smelly, putrescent fluids that will inevitably migrate to the bottom of these buckets and […] Read More