Looters, Arsonists and Eco-Terrorists Oppose Newsom Recall

As of March 17, the Newsom Recall campaign has entered a new phase. With well over 2.0 million signatures turned in, a special election later this year is probable. So probable, in fact, that political campaigning to defend Newsom has begun. And it is the predictable garbage we’ve been conditioned to expect from Democrats.

“Far-right movements including QAnon, virus skeptics linked to Newsom…” blasts the meme, posted 3/15 on @GavinNewsom’s Twitter account.

The official opposition website, paid for by the California Democratic Party, employs the alluringly alliterative tag line “Stop the Republican Recall.” Of course. Tag it with everything you’ve trained voters to revile. Republican equals racist equals Trump equals conspiracy theorist equals domestic terrorist. See how that works?

Newsom’s allies are piling it on. Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low, with a district in the heart of Silicon Valley, posted a tweet on 3/16 that perfectly encapsulates the strategy Newsom is relying on. He writes:

If you support the recall of Gov. @GavinNewsom, you should probably know you’re joining sides with:

Trump anti-vaxxers Trump Jr. Q-anon conspiracy theorists Rudy Giuliani white supremacists

You really want to be on that team?

Let’s explore the logic of this strategy, since it shall constitute a significant portion of the creative output we may expect to saturate all media, at staggering expense.

The first problem with relying on this alleged guilt by association is that one must wonder, is there a reciprocal version? That is, if you oppose the recall of […] Read More

How to Beat Gavin Newsom in a Recall Election

With nearly 900,000 signed recall petitions already collected, four active recall committees now operating, and belated but significant press coverage shining a spotlight on the effort, the chances that Gavin Newsom will be in a fight for his political life in the Spring of 2021 has gone from a longshot to a distinct possibility.

In an article published by NBC News entitled “Recall effort against California governor an attempt to destabilize the political system,” Newsom spokesperson Dan Newman called the recall effort “a distraction and a circus.” Newman also characterized the recall proponents as “a ragtag crew of pro-Trump, anti-vaccine extremists, along with some ambitious Republican politicians who would like to be governor,” and warned that a recall election could cost taxpayers “upward of $100 million.”

Any candidate willing to stand against Newsom in a special recall election could start right there. They could explain that the money Newsom and his party’s policies have wasted, the wealth they have vaporized, and the hard won prosperity they have expropriated, makes $100 million a trivial price to pay for a course correction. A victorious challenger begins by quantifying the economic cost of policies imposed on Californians by Newsom. They then offer bright and bold alternatives that remove these oppressive burdens and restore opportunities to normal Californians.

The first step would be to point out the tragic cost of the extreme reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of quarantining the elderly and medically vulnerable, Newsom quarantined the entire population. This prevented […] Read More

Recall Newsom Campaign at a Crossroads

With three months left to collect signatures, one of the largest and most organized grassroots efforts in the history of California politics is at a crossroads.

The Recall Newsom campaign has mobilized a bipartisan coalition involving over 100,000 volunteers, with momentum that is still building despite being almost completely ignored by the media, major donors, politicians, and political organizations. Those political organizations would include the CAGOP despite the fact that CAGOP tailors a significant percentage, perhaps even a majority, of its mass email messages to disparaging California’s hapless sitting governor.

This dismissal of California’s disenfranchised grassroots by their supposed professional champions not only signifies excessive caution and unfortunate hypocrisy, it is a practical blunder. A concerted and unified recall effort, backed by establishment political forces, would yield tangible political benefits. It would finally offer conservatives a cause that makes a compelling case to independents and disaffected Democrats. It would lend momentum to the campaigns of CAGOP candidates who endorse the recall, harnessing for their benefit the power of the recall volunteers.

Most significantly, a recall effort that was backed by the conservative establishment would be a courageous shot heard around the world. It would serve notice to anyone, anywhere, who has written California off as an ungovernable cesspool of corruption and chaos. People are fighting back, and they mean business.

What the political experts that consider a gubernatorial recall effort futile must understand is that Gavin Newsom’s failures are bigger than Gavin Newsom. If you successfully destroy the credibility of […] Read More