We Three Kings of America

This Christmas season, decorate your trees and hang your stockings, and know that three kings come again, bearing gifts. But this time, 2,020 years later, these three kings bear gifts not for the baby Jesus, but for the Democratic party. The biggest lie in American politics today is that Republicans are the party of the wealthy elite, and the Democrats are fighting for the little guy.

While corporate political spending is split roughly equally between Democrats and Republicans, in all other categories the Democrats are way in front. Labor unions, which collect and spend at least $14 billion per year in the United States, are almost exclusively committed to Democratic candidates. And while Republicans still have some mega donor individuals, most of them only contribute to candidates who espouse the same agenda as the Democrats – open borders, “free” trade, and endless wars.

The Democratic mega donors, however, not only outspend their Republican counterparts, they know how to get results. Which brings us to the first of our Three Kings of the 2020 political season.

Tom Steyer, with an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion. As a presidential candidate, Steyer has no chance. But behind his hopeless campaign is a deeper strategy. Steyer is bringing visibility and building support for several organizations he’s founded, all of them already powerful forces in national politics.

Steyer may not be the wealthiest mega donor on the scene, but he’s willing to spend what he’s got. As cited in Read More