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Why Abundance is Achievable and Sustainable

AUDIO: At the Mesa Water District of Orange County’s Water Policy Dinner and Forum on June 22, 2023, keynote speaker Edward Ring was asked why abundance is “achievable and sustainable.” Here is his answer:

Information for Californians That Want More Water

AUDIO: As the entire American West continues to dry up, California’s state legislature continues to behave as though water rationing is the only acceptable solution. Here is a discussion of a new book that describes how the initiative process can bypass the state legislature, the impediments to getting such an initiative before voters, and what provisions such an initiative would offer in order to create a future of water abundance instead of scarcity. Edward Ring with Bryan Miller on Nation State of Play.


Ruminations on Optimal Governance

If there were two words to describe how we might ensure our civic finances were sustainable, abundant, equitably collected and equitably distributed, it might be this – “Optimal Governance.” That theme, along with Civitas Fidelis, is a guiding principle for what we believe and advocate. There is a great deal of analysis and commentary, posted onto our earlier site EcoWorld (sold in May 2009) that can provide useful information and insight into many of the key issues surrounding these themes. With no further ado, here are 20 favorites:

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