How Libertarians Aid and Abet Oligarchy

The list of reasons Trump is no longer President of the United States is endless. In a close election, any significant factor can be cited as the straw that broke the camel’s back. And in the years and months leading up to November 2020, there were some very big straws. Nonstop harassment by a Democratic House of Representatives and Democrat operatives embedded in federal agencies, an unbroken four year streak of media mudslinging, partisan censorship by online communications monopolies, opportunistic laws, court rulings and administrative edicts designed to increase the number of Democratic votes, and literally billions in partisan donations specifically targeting voters in Democrat-heavy cities in swing states.

Fraud as well? Sure. But the election was rigged with or without fraud.

The presence of a libertarian presidential candidate? Also yes, though difficult to prove.

When it comes to the loss of GOP control of the U.S. Senate, however, one single event stands out from the pack. The candidacy of libertarian candidate Shane Hazel, who threw the battle between Republican David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff into a runoff. It is true that maybe Perdue could have won his runoff if various external events hadn’t affected turnout on 1/05, but that’s beside the point. If Hazel hadn’t been a spoiler, there would not have been a runoff.

Perdue only needed 0.3 percent on November 3 to win. To suggest that Hazel wouldn’t have attracted another 0.3 percent of Republican votes, when Hazel garnered 2.3 percent of all votes, is lunacy.

Shane Hazel deserves the spotlight for causing this debacle, and apparently he’s relishing the attention. In an article published in Reason shortly after the November election, responding to criticism over his decision to use his candidacy to force a runoff, said “Give me your tears. They are delicious.”

Was Hazel fully aware of what he was saying? Did he understand the full impact of what he’d done?

Libertarians who assert that their candidates have a right to run for election are correct. They do. But exercising that right when it literally costs Republicans control of the U.S. Senate is not a responsible use of that right. It’s a destructive adherence to ideals over reality. It reflects the same libertarian mindset that claims online communications platforms with monopoly powers are merely exercising their rights as private companies when they demonetize, shadowban, deplatform individual content creators, and now, even deplatform entire platforms.

Right-of-center Americans, of which libertarians are only one segment, are correct to be disillusioned by the performance of the Republican party. For that matter, despite the many obstacles, nearly all of them unfair, Trump himself could have done some things differently. But despite the imperfections of the party and its leader, they’re going to be sorely missed.

Will Shane Hazel, and every other smug libertarian spoiler bent on sabotaging the prospects of Republican candidates, find it “delicious” when the Biden administration and a wholly owned U.S. Congress begin to impose their vision on America? Maybe they will. After all, legalized drugs, open borders, “free trade,” privatized, owned space, destruction of single family zoning and online censorship by monopolies are all policies supported by libertarians, progressives and neoliberals alike. It is also the agenda of America’s multinational corporations, in an irony that ought to be obvious by now to ordinary voters.

Republicans in 2020, for all their flaws, were not the favored party of corporate America. And unlike Democrats, by and large they had not succumbed to the oppressive agenda pursuant to combating “climate change” and “systemic racism,” both of which are designed to further the power of big corporations and big government.

Maybe, ultimately, it is inaccurate to claim libertarians care about a decentralized economy. What libertarians fail to appreciate is that America can be just as thoroughly dominated by big corporations and powerful oligarchs as it can by big government. The fascist marriage of big government and big corporations has erased the necessary tension between those two primary centers of power in America, a tension that was necessary to preserve individual freedom and the competitive prospects of small and emerging businesses.

So maybe libertarians need to be rebranded. Maybe they’re not “libertarians,” but fascists that favor top-down rule as long as it’s “corporate” instead of “government.” Yeah yeah, we know the disclaimers. “We decry crony capitalism. We deplore corporate welfare.” Problem is, libertarians, the corporate invasion of society has progressed well beyond these favored tropes. America’s transition to a corporate oligarchy is nearly complete. And in that process, libertarians like Shane Hazel have been a big help.

Down here in the real world, the impact on ordinary Americans is the same. We are owned. We are not free. And all the permissive drug laws and open borders and big tech enabling in the world will not make us free. Shane Hazel. At best, like every other libertarian politician in America, is a progressive dupe. At worst, and consistent with political theory, he is an economic fascist. How does that sound to you Shane? Is it delicious?

In a scathing essay published last week in American Greatness, “paleolibertarian” Illana Mercer thoroughly deconstructs the ongoing libertarian defense of big tech censorship. More importantly, she exposes the fallacy of considering the state to be the only potential source of tyranny, and calls for “fresh theoretical thinking.” She writes:

“Discrimination, aver the libertarian-minded among us, is the prerogative of private property. Or, so we console ourselves. We’re safe. After all, aggression for aggression’s sake, as we libertarians have long maintained, is the modus operandi of the state, not of free enterprise. Yet, here we are! In more effectively banishing people and their products from the market, private multinationals are posing a serious competition to the State. And therein lies the rub. Fresh theoretical thinking about the meaning of Deep Tech begins with an understanding that we live and labor under tyrannical corporate statism, or tech-dominated statism.”

Shane Hazel is now intending to run for Governor of Georgia in 2022. Let’s be perfectly clear: This man is a troll. His odds of ever winning an election are near zilch. But he will get plenty of attention, and along with others like him, he may destroy the Republican party. And while Shane Hazel probably doesn’t look in the mirror and say “I’m a fascist,” that is what he is enabling with his antics. Him, and every other libertarian that isn’t willing to come to terms with the consequences of their actions.

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.

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