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Civic Finance is written by Edward Ring, a California native who became a policy analyst and journalist after spending the first half of his career working for private companies and start-ups. In 2021 he was the founder and leader of the “More Water Now” campaign, which culminated in the drafting of the Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022, which the campaign attempted to qualify for California’s November 2022 state ballot.

Ring is a contributing editor and senior fellow with the California Policy Center, a nonpartisan public policy research institute which he co-founded in 2013 and served as its first president. He is also a regular contributor to American Greatness, National Review, Pacific Research Institute, Epoch Times, and California Globe. Previously, from 2007 through 2010, while working for AlwaysOn Media, Ring designed and directed their highly successful “GoingGreen” conferences, which drew clean technology entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.

During the 1990s Ring was CFO, then CEO, for Upside Magazine, a pioneering publication covering the intersection of high-tech and venture capital. Ring was CFO for Play Industries in 1999-2000, the first company to develop and commercialize a desktop platform for digital video production and internet video broadcasting. In 2003, Ring was Director of Strategic Planning for Anuvu, one of the first companies to build a prototype fuel cell vehicle.

In 2000 Ring founded the online environmental magazine EcoWorld, which he published for nine years. Up until sale in 2009, EcoWorld was a respected international voice promoting free-market environmentalism, something that is needed now more than ever. In 1998, Ring was involved in the formation and served as a founding director for Trees Water & People, an NGO that supports reforesting throughout Central America.

Ring is a prolific writer on the topics of political reform and sustainable economic development and the author of three books, Fixing California (2021), The Future is Now (2022), and The Abundance Choice: Our Fight for More Water in California (2022). His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the San Jose Mercury, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Economist, Real Clear Politics, The American Mind, Cal Matters, City Journal, and other media outlets. Ring has an undergraduate degree in political science from UC Davis, and an MBA in finance from USC.

Edward Ring is available to speak to your organization on topics of political reform and sustainable economic development. Examples of his radio and video interviews can be found here.

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