How to Fix Water Scarcity in California

AUDIO: On the topic of California’s water challenges and how to fix them, I had a great conversation on March 16, 2023 with Chadwick Hagan on his “Deep Dive” podcast. Please note! In my extemporaneous remarks I may have overestimated how much water they use for farm irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley. I think the more accurate estimate is around 15 million acre feet. I also overestimated how much irrigated farmland there is in the Imperial Valley, and in Arizona. The more accurate estimate is around 500,000 acres each. My apologies. Getting these big picture facts correct is essential if we are serious about solving water scarcity.

Are “Renewables” Sustainable?

AUDIO: On the topic of Renewables that are not “renewable,” I had a great conversation on March 11, 2023, with Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona.

California Policymakers Greatly Underestimate Cost for Renewables

AUDIO: Making renewable energy switch will cost a lot more than California thinks. Edward Ring on Fox Business.

California Flooding Continues, But We’re Still in a Drought

AUDIO: As one storm after another pounds California, and millions of acre feet of floodwater run out to sea, officials still proclaim the state to be in a drought. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on OANN’s Tipping Point.

Africans Harmed the Most by the “Climate” Agenda

AUDIO: The avoidable hardships that the climate mitigation agenda have imposed on the Western nations is nothing compared to the catastrophe they’re wreaking on emerging African nations. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on OANN’s Tipping Point.

How Politicians Get Elected in California

AUDIO:  California’s election laws permit ballot harvesting and same day registration. This has moved the outcome of elections even further into the hands of those campaigns with the most money and the best get-out-the-vote operation – 22 minutes on KSMA Santa Maria – Edward Ring on the Andy Caldwell Show.

How the Scarcity Agenda Benefits Oligopolies

AUDIO: How financial speculators benefit from politics designed to create scarcity, and how environmentalism is used as the moral justification for scarcity policies. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on OANN’s Tipping Point.

One Toilet to Cost Taxpayers $1.7 Million – Welcome to California

AUDIO: The City of San Francisco has received state funding of $1.7 million to construct a restroom in the town square of the Noe Valley neighborhood. It will have one toilet. The preposterous price tag exemplifies the gridlock and inefficiency-by-design that characterize California, a state owned by special interests. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on Tipping Point (segment begins at 40:15).

Are There Viable Alternatives to Reservoirs?

AUDIO:  How dam removal efforts are gaining momentum in the Western United States and around the world, with a specific focus on four large dams on the Snake River in Washington that have been targeted – 16 minutes on KVI Seattle – Edward Ring on the John Carlson Show.

The Destruction of the American Middle Class

AUDIO: A discussion of how the convergence of an intellectual and financial elite, combined with the advent of technologies that can automate most jobs, are leading to the destruction of America’s middle class. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on Tipping Point.