Is There a Way to Unite America?

AUDIO: The way to unite America’s political spectrum is economic. There are better solutions to America’s debt binge. There are ways to restore upward mobility and make products and services reasonably affordable again. In the long run, they would also guarantee the status of the dollar as a hard currency – 7 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

The Politics of Scarcity and the Financialization of Nature

AUDIO: When public policy is used to make the foundations of economic health – energy and water – scarce and expensive, financial special interests profit. Now we are seeing the financialization of nature, whereby “ecosystem services” become a new asset class complete with stock issuances and shareholders. This new scheme for capital formation will accelerate the consolidation of ownership and control of vast rural areas – Edward Ring with Barry Fisher on KPRL Radio Paso Robles (Ring’s segment starts at 35:10).

The Financial Insanity of California’s “Renewable” Energy

AUDIO: California’s state legislature is mandating a conversion to “renewables” that not only waste raw materials and destroy the environment, they are incredibly expensive. Meanwhile, the legislature is ignoring energy solutions that would address climate concerns while delivering abundant energy at a fraction of the cost. In this discussion, for example, a direct comparison is made between the cost for floating offshore wind, vs. the cost to retrofit existing natural gas power plants to sequester their emissions underground – enjoy an enlightening 40 minutes of Edward Ring with Will Swaim on the National Review podcast Radio Free California (Ring’s segment starts at 48:20).

Optimism Can Realign America

AUDIO: Rejecting the agenda of America’s establishment requires not merely debunking the narrative designed to instill fear, but to do so with optimism, and offer a comprehensive alternative agenda that promises a bright future. Optimism is persuasive. It is a weapon renounced by America’s mainstream institutions, waiting to be wielded by the true resistance – 7 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City (segment starts at 2:00) – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.



Designing a Future City in California

It’s difficult to predict if and when, if ever, the new city proposed for a rural section of Solano County, just northeast of San Francisco, will get built. But the people who want to build it have the ambition and the resources to create something spectacular. Here are some ideas for how that city might look, and how the special interests in opposition might be persuaded to come aboard. Segment begins at 19:15 – 8 minutes with The Free Cities Center – Edward Ring with the Pacific Research Institute’s Steven Greenhut.

Why Another Newsom Recall Attempt Matters

AUDIO: How another Newsom recall attempt is a healthy expression of democracy, informing the nation about California’s failures as a one-party state. Segment begins at 2:15 – 10 minutes on One America News – Edward Ring on Tipping Point with Kara McKinney.

California’s Politics of Scarcity

AUDIO: The California state legislature is deliberately engineering scarcity. They are systematically shutting down conventional sources of energy and water. This includes decommissioning natural gas power plants, demolishing dams, banning new oil exploration and shutting down existing wells, reducing refinery output. At the same time they are mandating extremely expensive solutions that cannot begin to provide adequate energy, water, or transportation services, including offshore wind turbines, the so-called Delta Conveyance, and high speed rail. There are alternatives. 27 minutes of Edward Ring with Greg Brittain on the Unite the Inland Empire Radio Show.

Reflections on America’s Uniparty

AUDIO: On some of the most important issues affecting America’s future, Democratic and Republican politicians agree, and so do their donors. Mass immigration and extreme environmentalist restrictions on growth. But you can’t add millions of new residents to a nation where you make it nearly impossible to build new infrastructure – 4 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

Climate Discussion at Orange County Water Summit 2023

AUDIO: The climate change panel at the Orange County Water Summit, October 13, 2023. My remarks begin at 14:20, 30:45, and 48:25. Main point? Senate Bill 1157, which will limit indoor water use to 42 gallons per person per day by 2030, will cost an estimated $7 billion (before overruns) and save an estimated 413,000 acre feet per year. This yields an extremely poor cost/benefit. That amount, 413,000 acre feet, is less than one-half of one percent of the water Californians withdraw, on average in dry years, to serve the needs of the state’s farms, cities, and to maintain ecosystems.

Explaining the Inexplicable Popularity of Donald Trump

AUDIO: Why is Donald Trump rising in the polls? – 10 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.