Optimism Can Realign America

AUDIO: Rejecting the agenda of America’s establishment requires not merely debunking the narrative designed to instill fear, but to do so with optimism, and offer a comprehensive alternative agenda that promises a bright future. Optimism is persuasive. It is a weapon renounced by America’s mainstream institutions, waiting to be wielded by the true resistance- 7 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City (segment starts at 2:00) – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.



Designing a Future City in California

It’s difficult to predict if and when, if ever, the new city proposed for a rural section of Solano County, just northeast of San Francisco, will get built. But the people who want to build it have the ambition and the resources to create something spectacular. Here are some ideas for how that city might look, and how the special interests in opposition might be persuaded to come aboard. Segment begins at 19:15 – 8 minutes with The Free Cities Center – Edward Ring with the Pacific Research Institute’s Steven Greenhut.

Why Another Newsom Recall Attempt Matters

AUDIO: How another Newsom recall attempt is a healthy expression of democracy, informing the nation about California’s failures as a one-party state. Segment begins at 2:15 – 10 minutes on One America News – Edward Ring on Tipping Point with Kara McKinney.


Reflections on America’s Uniparty

AUDIO: On some of the most important issues affecting America’s future, Democratic and Republican politicians agree, and so do their donors. Mass immigration and extreme environmentalist restrictions on growth. But you can’t add millions of new residents to a nation where you make it nearly impossible to build new infrastructure – 4 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

Climate Discussion at Orange County Water Summit 2023

AUDIO: The climate change panel at the Orange County Water Summit, October 13, 2023. My remarks begin at 14:20, 30:45, and 48:25. Main point? Senate Bill 1157, which will limit indoor water use to 42 gallons per person per day by 2030, will cost an estimated $7 billion (before overruns) and save an estimated 413,000 acre feet per year. This yields an extremely poor cost/benefit. That amount, 413,000 acre feet, is less than one-half of one percent of the water Californians withdraw, on average in dry years, to serve the needs of the state’s farms, cities, and to maintain ecosystems.


Explaining the Inexplicable Popularity of Donald Trump

AUDIO: Why is Donald Trump rising in the polls? – 10 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

The Fight for the Future of California

AUDIO: A wide ranging and lengthy discussion over our ongoing fight, against the odds, to secure a future of prosperity and freedom for all Californians. Topics covered include public sector union power, environmentalist extremism, the coalition of special interests that control the state, and its consequences for quality education, law and order, and the cost-of-living. Edward Ring with Paul Preston, host of Agenda 21 Radio.

To view, click here and skip to 2:03:30 for Ring’s portion of the broadcast.

Can You Be Convicted of Lying if You’re Telling the Truth?

AUDIO: A discussion about California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit accusing oil companies of intentionally deceiving the public about their alleged role in causing global warming. This podcast, which has a pretty big audience, earned some stinging criticism for my suggestion that we need renewed and vigorous debate over whether fossil fuels will cause catastrophic climate change. Edward Ring with Will Swaim, host of National Review’s Radio Free California.

(segment begins 1:02:00, click here to listen to podcast)

The Consequences of Extreme Environmentalism

AUDIO: A discussion of environmental extremism, California’s politically contrived energy and water crunch, and the dangers of “sustainable development.” Edward Ring with Greg Gordon, host of the California Liberty Project podcast.

(click here to listen to podcast)


Finding Unity in a Divided America

AUDIO: What kind of new coalition can bring conservatives the first landslide presidential election since 1984? – 9 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.