How the Scarcity Agenda Benefits Oligopolies

AUDIO: How financial speculators benefit from politics designed to create scarcity, and how environmentalism is used as the moral justification for scarcity policies. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on OANN’s Tipping Point.

One Toilet to Cost Taxpayers $1.7 Million – Welcome to California

AUDIO: The City of San Francisco has received state funding of $1.7 million to construct a restroom in the town square of the Noe Valley neighborhood. It will have one toilet. The preposterous price tag exemplifies the gridlock and inefficiency-by-design that characterize California, a state owned by special interests. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on Tipping Point (segment begins at 40:15).

Are There Viable Alternatives to Reservoirs?

AUDIO:  How dam removal efforts are gaining momentum in the Western United States and around the world, with a specific focus on four large dams on the Snake River in Washington that have been targeted – 16 minutes on KVI Seattle – Edward Ring on the John Carlson Show.

The Destruction of the American Middle Class

AUDIO: A discussion of how the convergence of an intellectual and financial elite, combined with the advent of technologies that can automate most jobs, are leading to the destruction of America’s middle class. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on Tipping Point.

Solving Water Scarcity in California

AUDIO: A discussion about water scarcity in California, what policy solutions could create water abundance, and the forces for and against achieving that goal. Edward Ring with Darcy Villere on The We Grow California podcast.

Solutions to California’s Water Crisis

AUDIO: In the face of unprecedented cuts to available water, California cannot possibly conserve its way out of water scarcity. Fortunately there are a variety of solutions that would create water abundance, if the special interests that profit from scarcity can be exposed and overcome. Edward Ring with host Will Swaim on the National Review’s Radio Free California.

The 25 minute segment on water begins 1:24:00 into the podcast.

The Special Interests Behind a High Density Agenda

AUDIO: High density housing is not an inevitable byproduct of adapting to climate change or achieving an environmentally sustainable civilization. There is plenty of room and there are plenty of resources. But the high density agenda is pushed by special interests that gain power and profit when density mandates artificially inflate the cost of housing. Edward Ring with Kara McKinney on Tipping Point.

Information for Californians That Want More Water

AUDIO: As the entire American West continues to dry up, California’s state legislature continues to behave as though water rationing is the only acceptable solution. Here is a discussion of a new book that describes how the initiative process can bypass the state legislature, the impediments to getting such an initiative before voters, and what provisions such an initiative would offer in order to create a future of water abundance instead of scarcity. Edward Ring with Bryan Miller on Nation State of Play.

Who Are The Lords of Scarcity?

AUDIO:  An explanation of how over-regulation and the financialization of essential resources imposes artificial scarcity, and raises not only the cost-of-living, but also the cost of doing business. This empowers monopolistic corporate interests to invest in distressed smaller businesses and consolidate industries – 11 minutes – Edward Ring on The Schilling Show.


How to Solve California’s Water Crisis

AUDIO:  A discussion of how California’s policymakers refuse to approve and fund water supply infrastructure, instead falsely believing that conservation alone can solve California’s water crisis – 14 minutes on KOGO San Diego – Edward Ring on the Carl DeMaio Show.