California’s Legislature is Making the Water Crisis Worse

AUDIO: A discussion about why California’s legislature and bureaucracy is determined to dismantle water infrastructure and ways we can fight back: – Edward Ring on the Steel on Steel Show with John Loeffler.

We Can Solve California’s Water Crisis

AUDIO: There is an abundance of water if we build the infrastructure to harvest it and process it. We can capture storm runoff, we can recycle wastewater, and we can desalinate water from the ocean. So why don’t we? – 18 minutes on KFI Los Angeles – Edward Ring on the John and Ken Show.

California Needs More Water Now

AUDIO: California’s water infrastructure was built in the 1950s and 1960s to supply water to a state with a population of 20 million. Today, with nearly 40 million people living in California, the state’s neglected water system lacks the capacity to cope with multi-year droughts. California must invest in a new water system for the 21st century. Edward Ring with Bryan Miller on Nation State of Play.

“More water now” is much needed in California

AUDIO: The challenge of water scarcity in California is often framed as a battle between farmers and urban users. But it doesn’t to have to be a zero sum game. Either via action by the state legislature, or through a citizen’s ballot initiative, California can build new systems to capture, store, distribute, treat, and reuse more water. Rationing is not inevitable. Edward Ring with Trent Loos on Rural Route Radio.

Solutions to Top Issues That California Needs to Fix

AUDIO/VIDEO: We’re all aware by now of the problems facing California, but there isn’t enough discussion of practical solutions. This interview is a review of a nine-part series written for the California Policy Center that offers policy solutions to seven critical challenges: Energy, Water, Transportation, Housing, Homeless and Law Enforcement, Forestry, and Education. Edward Ring with Siyamak Khorrami on California Insider.

Explaining an Initiative to Fund Water Projects

AUDIO/VIDEO: How do ballot initiatives bypass a negligent state legislature? Can ballot initiatives be used to fund water projects, so Californians will not have to experience water scarcity in the future? Can a ballot initiative be used to amend laws and regulations that have made it almost impossible to get approval and permits to construct water infrastructure in California? A 42 minute YouTube interview with Edward Ring on Mike Netter’s Town Hall.

The Future of Automobiles

AUDIO: Will electric cars ever completely replace cars with internal combustion engines? Is it wise to mandate zero emission vehicles, which leaves no place for hybrids? What are the remaining technical challenges to making electric cars commercially competitive and environmentally sustainable? – 8 minutes on KNRS Salt Lake City – Edward Ring on the Rod Arquette Show.

Restoring the California Dream

AUDIO:  A discussion of solutions to California’s policy challenges, with a focus on water and housing – 18 minutes on KUHL Santa Barbara – Edward Ring on the Andy Caldwell Show.

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Maximizing the Conservative Populist Movement in California

AUDIO: The rise of conservative populism in California and how it can be either nurtured or squandered, and how Californians of all ideologies can unite behind practical solutions to many of the state’s most challenging problems through the ballot initiative process – 42 minutes on AM 590 San Bernardino – Edward Ring on Unite the Inland Empire with Greg Brittain & Agnes Gibboney.

The Homeless Industrial Complex and the California State Budget

AUDIO/VIDEO:  How attempts to help the homeless have been taken over by the Homeless Industrial Complex, a system of legalized corruption where billions of dollars are wasted building “supportive housing” at a cost of over $500,000 per unit, and only developers and politicians benefit. 2nd segment: A quick look at California’s just-released 2021-22 State Budget proposal  – 18 minutes on KABC Los Angeles – Edward Ring on the Larry O’Connor Show.