Trump’s Popularity is not Inexplicable

In a routine that has become familiar of late, CNN’s Jim Acosta reports the ongoing ascendancy of Donald Trump in the polls with a mixture of dismay and disbelief. With these emotions front and center on his November 5 cable show, Acosta grimly reported the latest polling on the 2024 presidential candidates, noting that Trump is now ahead of Biden in five out of six crucial swing states. In Nevada, where Trump lost by 2 percentage points in 2020, Trump is now up by 11 points over Biden.

As Acosta proceeded to interview experts in an attempt to make sense out of this, the prevailing message was Biden is too old, and that has voters worried. David Frum, a reliable uniparty stalwart, reassured Acosta that “Trump is only three years younger than Biden,” and that Trump is so weak and elderly that he “can’t even open a jar of pickles.” The men then proceeded to applaud Biden as physically hale and hearty, dismissing concerns about his age as unwarranted.

Is that the best they can do? On November 5, during Acosta’s predictable series of questions with a predictably anti-Trump assortment of guests, nobody cared to acknowledge that people age at different rates. Once the conversation pivoted to rote condemnation of Trump for his many legal challenges, nor was there any acknowledgement that whatever wrongs Trump may have committed, they are easily matched by the Clintons and the Bidens.

Every voter in America who isn’t perpetually marinated in online and offline uniparty newspeak will consider these things to be objective fact: Trump is physically robust, Biden is not. Trump is a victim of politicized lawfare, Biden is not. But denying these facts is not only the compulsory position of America’s housebroken, government-approved influencers like Acosta and Frum, they are the entire basis of their case for Biden.

What one almost never sees from these purportedly balanced sources of news and information is the case for Trump. But on November 4, in an article published by BBC, there appeared a surprisingly fair summary of many of Trump’s goals if he is reelected. Entitled “What a Donald Trump second term would look like,” and contrary to what was probably the author’s intent (another example of how the establishment really doesn’t get just how out of touch it is), every one of the policies described came across as perfectly reasonable and badly needed.

To Trump’s supporters, the policies he’ll implement are well known. Secure the border. End birthright citizenship. Restore, as Trump has himself said over and over, a requirement that people migrating to America bring skills and sentiments that will enable them to easily assimilate and immediately become productive citizens.

The principle at work with these immigration policy reforms ought never to have slipped away. Americans have realized the disaster of the past three years violates every aspect of a sane immigration policy. There is no border security, and no criteria for legal entry that respects the interests of Americans already living here. And yet America’s government-approved media is in blithe denial of the harm caused by 10 million people who in just three years have swarmed across the border to overwhelm social services, break big city budgets, catalyze the spread of fentanyl, enable the infiltration of terrorist cells and cartel gangs, while driving prices up and wages down.

America’s broken immigration system, for whom the only beneficiaries are government bureaucrats and corporate financiers who simply want a bigger population in order for them to grow, respectively, their fiefdoms and their profits, has infuriated ordinary Americans. They’re done. And the only politician in the United States who unequivocally intends to fix it is Donald Trump.

Other policies the BBC report characterizes as “controversial” are, to the less tone deaf majority of Americans, nothing of the sort. “Opening the spigots” to permanently lower energy prices is a perfect example. If mass immigration of unskilled people creates opportunities to grow government while assaulting the middle class with new taxes to pay for it, lowering energy prices creates opportunities for the private sector to grow and create new jobs and enables working families to afford upward mobility and expand the middle class.

Trump’s common sense policies on energy extend to environmentalist issues in general. Instead of issuing executive orders that mandate extreme, bleeding edge “green” appliances and automobiles, or regulate new single family homes out of existence, Trump will restore sanity to America’s environmentalist policies and keep a middle class lifestyle affordable. Here too, Americans have realized the environmentalist movement, and the oligarchs who profit from it, have declared war on their way of life. They’ve had enough, and Trump is the only politician who thoroughly understands what’s happened and intends to fix it.

With respect to law and order, Trump also offends the status quo. He proposes to “round up the homeless and move them to tent camps outside US cities,” and of course, to the politically connected, heavily subsidized developers who are getting filthy rich building “supportive housing” at $500,000 per unit, or the social workers giving away food and free syringes, that’s an outrageous idea. But it’s the only idea that’s going to work. As it is, America’s homeless population is only incentivized to grow, spreading crime, addiction, chaos, disease and danger.

Control immigration in a manner that strengthens America instead of weakening and dividing it. Lower the cost of living by adopting a realistic all-of-the-above energy policy and rolling back extreme environmentalist regulations. Take away the incentives for people to give up and join America’s burgeoning homeless population. Enforce property and drug crimes not only to administer justice, but to deter would-be offenders. Require state school teachers to “embrace patriotic values.”

What heresy.

Biden’s message, and by extension the message of every institutional power that supports Biden and opposes Trump is easy to understand: You don’t matter. Hard work doesn’t matter. American traditions and values don’t matter. Nothing matters, actually, except to what extent you can present yourself as a victim of the people who built America because they worked hard, embracing American traditions and values.

The Trump alternative, proven during his first term, has terrified the opposition. They called Trump a warmonger and accused him of trying to “break up NATO.” Yet he negotiated peace agreements in the Balkans and the Middle East, and pressured NATO members to honor their funding commitments. They accuse Trump of trying to “destroy democracy,” at the same time as they wage unrelenting political persecution against Trump, dozens of his associates, and thousands of his followers.

According to the BBC and other terrified organs of the establishment, Trump’s team is working with conservative organizations to minimize the opportunity, if he is elected again, for a hostile federal bureaucracy to thwart his policy initiatives and executive orders. This is characterized by establishment apparatchiks as a threat to democracy. It is not. It is a long overdue repudiation of a politicized and biased bureaucracy that has usurped the authority that is constitutionally vested in a U.S. President.

What is a threat to democracy, however, are the plans to deny Trump victory in 2024, using tactics that worked in 2020. Regardless of whatever else may have been done against him in 2020 that constitutes voter fraud, the plain fact remains that there was an organized “Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” for Biden, obscenely well funded. And as John Eastman testified in his disbarment trial – excellent, honest coverage by Rachel Alexander – there is ample evidence that laws were broken in order to affect the election outcome in crucial swing states.

If that’s not enough, as described by Dr. Robert Epstein in a series of recent Tim Pool video interviews, just manipulation of search results and targeted messages by social media platforms to encourage Democrats – and only Democrats – to go vote, has a dramatic impact on actual results, turning landslides into cliffhangers, and close races into easy Democratic wins.

Anyone who bothers to view alternative media, which is hard but not impossible to find, already knows all of this. Knowing the game is rigged, and it is, further explains Trump’s rise in the polls. He is the underdog, unfairly maligned, with policies that would help the American people. Standing in opposition to Trump is Joe Biden, who offers America and the world a future of war and poverty.

It isn’t the growing support for Trump that is inexplicable. It’s his apoplectic opposition.

This article originally appeared in American Greatness.

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