Voter Fraud in America

In a previous post “Widespread Voter Fraud” the point is made that voter fraud is something that has plagued democracies throughout history; it is certainly something that has challenged American democracy over the past 200+ years; it is not something that is practiced exclusively by either party. So it should come as no surprise that voter fraud was alive and well in the 2010 election cycle.

In addition to the compilation from, “How Unions or Their Allies Could be Stealing November’s Election Right Now,” referenced in the previous post, what follows are links to additional useful summaries of some of the problems we apparently are having with voter fraud. What is disturbing is that these reports are found on a handful of lightly trafficked websites that focus on this topic – and within those reports are links to mainstream media articles on the topic. But the mainstream media covers newsworthy anecdotes regarding possible election fraud, then moves on. This is too bad, because if you read these reports from the blogosphere, they seem credible.

On the Robomonkey blog, their “Archive for the ‘Voter Fraud’ Category” includes a thirteen part series of posts entitled “Grand Theft Democracy.” These are well worth reading. On the HillBuzz blog, their “Voter Fraud / Election Tampering Thread” adds several additional valuable reports and […] Read More